Audiologists and Doctors of Audiology

An audiologist is a licensed hearing healthcare professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children. You can think of an audiologist primarily as a “hearing doctor.” Most audiologists have completed a Master’s degree, or more recently their Doctor of Audiology degree, to practice. Audiologists possess comprehensive knowledge of the human auditory and vestibular systems, and they have extensive training in sound reproduction, which is critical to the accurate fitting and adjustment of hearing aids.

Adult and Pediatric Hearing Tests

  • State of the art Audiology Testing
  • On-site sound-proof booth
  • Otometrics instruments for precise measurements
  • Evaluation for Hearing Loss
  • Eardrum Compliance / Tympanograms
  • Exams performed by Certified Audiologist

All audiograms are physican reviewed.